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Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Empowered from Within

All of our power comes from our Source inside of us. Looking within for everything we desire to accomplish empowers us beyond measure. When we look without, outside ourselves, to find the answer, we're giving away our power to that which is seen and is therefore limited. But if we turn within to the unlimited boundless Source, we experience life which goes way beyond physical measures, for the physical is temporary but the unseen is eternal and transcends and penetrates all physical barriers and limitations. Its power comes from the vast unlimited supply.

Therefore whatever situation we face, if we turn our eyes and attention to the place and Source of our power and inner strength, connect with it and come up and look outward and act outward with the strength, wisdom and creativity of the abundant supply, out of our souls, we will soar and excel in everything we do. It must come from within the core of the soul; for there is where all originates and is full expressed without boundaries and limitations in its highest form.

Sometime ago as I made my final two laps as I was jogging, I felt tired but I had determined that I would complete these laps and then cool down. The thought came to me to look within; look for the strength within and come from that place of strength. As my mind looked to the place of strength, I felt energized to continue and complete my laps.

If we were to be consciously mindful of living from this inner place in all we do, our lives would enter the realm of walking with the Spirit and in the Spirit. The struggle of life would begin to fall off and we would easily and effortlessly create life out of the abundance of the Spirit.

How do you draw from the Source so you're empowered from within?


  1. Hi Alicia....How do I draw from the Source? Well, I do readings every morning. And talk to Him throughout the day, particularly when I'm facing difficulty or a problematic situation. You are right. The Source is right there inside of us! Take care and have a beautiful day. Sincerely, Susan

  2. That's great Susan. And that's the way to stay connected and draw nutrients and life from the Spirit.

    Be blessed.



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