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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Honour Your Protectors

Some people in your life are your protectors warding off the ones that will only take from you and destroy your talent. Honour your protectors. These invaders, though they like hanging around you, are on a different energy wave or matrix from your protectors and will avoid coming close to you once your protectors are around.

Don't try to change your protectors for it is their natural essence that protects you, creating a special link between you and them.

We all need each other in some way or the other. Some are better suited to together than some because of the unique energy waves between them. When you are around some people, you may feel a sense of what we sometimes call 'bad vibes'. What you are feeling is their energy wave which is the level of consciousness they're, and it's obviously not along the same path as your own.

We can feel each other because we are all interconnected and when a person is heading in the direction of love; you could sense that, if they are heading in the other direction, we could sense that as well. How well we pick up on this inner knowing is in direct relation to how in tuned we are internally. However, we don't condemn or be critical of others just because they are not on the same energy wave as we are. We bless them in our hearts and let them be.

How do you recognize your protectors?

1) You feel safe around them

When you are with your protectors you know that you are safe. They'll never let anything happen to you. They'll come to your rescue whenever you need them.

2) They're supportive of you

Your protectors will support you in achieving your goals. They will encourage you to be the best you can be and give you the freedom to do so.

3) They'll take a stand and defend you

No matter what you face; they will stand and defend you even in the face of danger, if necessary. They're not afraid to open their mouth and speak up on your behalf and they really don't care what other people think of them either.

4) You can be yourself and thrive in their presence

You don't have to pretend around your protectors. They already know who you are and like you. They see your weaknesses and that's why they're there; to protect and help you.

5) They grow right alongside you

As you grow; your protectors continue to grow alongside you. They thrive in the same environment, like our broccoli and green onions grow together, they both live together in harmony.

6) Your so-called friends don't stick around when they're with you

When you are with your protectors, your so-call friends disappear. Your protectors' natural essence wards off your predators.

7) They're not trying to change you

Your protectors accept you for who you are and allow you to be who you are. Imagine in a garden the green onions (which acts as a protection for the broccoli because of their strong essence) saying to the broccoli, "Listen up here, I'm on the scene now and, you know something, see these caterpillars that are biting up on you, if you just be like me maybe they'll stop bugging you." Funny, huh? That's what we put each other through at times. Be 'the broccoli' that you are and let your protectors, 'green onions', be who they are and let love and togetherness prevail.

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