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Monday, April 19, 2010

Creating change that lasts: Internalize & Practice

With so much information at our finger tips, why is it sometimes we seem to still struggle to create change that lasts even though there's so much 'how to's' at our disposal? Whether we have gathered information on the internet or from a sermon at church, it seems that so many struggle with the same issues over and over again.

There are two aspects we need to look at when we're creating change that lasts - internalize and practice. It's one thing to read the information, and perhaps mentally know it, but it's another thing to live it and allow it to become a part of us.


With our lives moving at such a fast pace at times, we need to slow down enough to absorb the information we already have. We need to take out the notes and really meditate and internalize them until they become a part of us, not just words on a paper written by someone else - their experience, but we need to own them as our experience. When we internalize the information, these words take root in our hearts, becoming a part of us as living words in our lives - a living manifestation.

When the information we receive become a part of us, they change the way we think and begin to transform us from the inside out. We meditate or think about these words over and over.


Change is not always easy, and like anything else we desire to master, we must practice and practice until we adapt a new daily habit and way of being.

No matter what change you desire to experience, whether it is to love more, get to your ideal weight or start a new business venture, practicing new habits is the way to achieving success - practice changing your perspective of life, situations and others, practice forgiveness and love, practice positive thinking.

It is great that we have access to much information, but this could lead to information overload and pose a situation where we have too much information that leaves our heads spinning and not being able to connect the dots.

Take the information you need now and begin to meditate, to think about these things and put into practice what you've learned that they may take root and anchor you.


  1. How true, Alicia! We must internalize all the knowledge to result in permanent change. Thanks for the reminder. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Totally agree Susan. That's how it becomes a part of us. You're welcome.



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