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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creating Miracles - The Process - Part 3

Now, let's make this more personal. You've seen the step by step example Jesus used in Part 1 we did on Monday's post. Let's break it down some more.

1) What's your intention?

In what area of your life do you need a miracle? Think about that and be as clear as you can. Also be specific about what type of miracle you desire. Jesus intended to feed the thousands. And did he ever feed them. They were satisfied and had a whole lot of left overs - lots of goody bags to go.

2) What do you have?

What do you already have that can be used to create your miracle? There was nothing extraordinary about the boy's loaves of bread and fish. As a matter of fact, they seemed small and insignificant in comparison to the large crowd. Does your talent seem insignificant to the size of your dream? Does your money in your pocket seem small in comparison to your large amount of bills?

3) Be thankful

Express thankfulness for what you already have, knowing that as you connect your belief to the unseen power, your miracle will unfold. Gratitude puts you into the positive energy flow to attract to you more of the abundance you desire.

4) Give it away

Who could you share your talent with? Who's hungry for what you have to offer? Who needs to be blessed with your seemingly small 'loaves of talent' and 'fish of wisdom'? It may seem small to you but can create a massive difference in someone's life and the rewards to you immeasurable.

Think about these 4 steps and we'll put it all together tomorrow for our Action Thursday. I'll share with you the key that really puts this all together.

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