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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creating change that lasts - How to internalize information so it becomes a part of us

When you listen to a life-changing seminar, a sermon or read a motivational book, in order to reap the fullest benefits of the information, you need to take it to the next level. Listening and reading is not enough. We need to internalize this information, allow it to become a part of us until we actually own it and manifest the fruit we desire to partake of.

Exactly how do we absorb this information into us?

1) Acceptance

If you cannot accept the information as truth for you then you'd never apply it and as a result it'd never work for you. Acceptance is the first step toward experiencing a changed life.

2) Meditate on it

By meditating on the information - thinking of it turning it over in your mind - you're allowing it to take root within you. As you absorb the "nutrients" from the information, it begins to nourish you and the life-giving energy causes the new seedling of change to germinate and grow within you.

3) Visualize it

See it becoming a part of your lifestyle and your belief system. Here is where you're creating a mental image that will put you into a positive vibration to attract the results you desire.

4) Emotionalize it

Connect the emotions and feel the feelings of being the person you desire to be. Don't hold back but allow this emotion to become real for you and further energize your results.

5) Own it

Allow this new knowledge to be your own. Own it as your own. Feel it as your own and speak of it in your self talk as your own. This exercise takes you from the experience of it belonging to someone else to you now walking in it, breathing it, living it and ultimately manifesting it in your reality.

Change is never accomplished by just hearing a new message of hope. The message must become who you are in order for you to truly harvest the fruit of it.


  1. Every single one of those suggestions in today's column are "right on" Alicia. Actually, they are "truths," rather than suggestions. Thanks! Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Have a blessed day.


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