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Monday, April 5, 2010

How to use the law of habit to weed out negativity

The subconscious mind like the soil will grow anything that enters in the conscious mind through the five senses, whether we’re aware of it or not. When we begin to pay more attention to what’s coming in through these avenues, we are better able to decide what we want to take root into our subconscious and what is beneficial to our personal growth and ultimate results. In order to weed out negativity, we need to use the law of habit which will cultivate the positive thoughts and allow them to germinate and grow to maturity and bear fruit in the form of our external results.

If you’ve ever planted a garden, it may seem like an overwhelming experience initially as you’re constantly weeding out the unwanted growth. Similarly, we need to consistently cultivate the new thought seeds planted in our subconscious mind until we have formed a habitual way of living and allow the new growth the opportunity to become strong enough to keep out the negatives.

So what do you do when the negative emotions try to dominate your new thought seedlings?

1) Decide in advance

When you’re in the positive flow decide what you will do when your emotions begin to shift out of the positive vibrations. Having an emotional rescue plan for negative emergencies will help you be better prepared to deal with mood swings and negative thoughts from others or circumstances.

2) Shift your thinking

Negative emotions come as a result of negative thoughts. When you find yourself experiencing emotions of depression, sadness, anger etc., check your thought pattern. What were you thinking about that caused that feeling in the first place? When you identify it look for other positive ways to look at your situation which will begin to influence your emotions and put you back into a positive vibration.

3) Pay attention to your emotions

Our emotions are our guidance system. They tell you whether you are in a positive vibration or negative so you can quickly get into the positive zone before you become overwhelmed with negativity.

4) Practice, practice, practice

As with every new habit, it takes practice. Practice every day until it becomes easier to recognize when you’re no longer in the positive flow so you can avoid the onset of a slew of negative emotions.


  1. Good analogy, Alicia. I definitely plan to pick those "weeds" of negativity so the garden of my thinking can grow beautiful flowers today! Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. And when those thought flowers begin to bloom, what a beautiful sight it would be.



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