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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Return to the Source of Life

Our external world comes from the unseen, even though many humans may not put as much emphasis on this. For surely as everything we desire comes first from the imagination – the unseen and then manifests in our physical world – so too all that exists as we know it, exists because of the imaginative desire of Divine Intelligence.

Man may choose to deny the existence of God, but to deny God is to deny oneself and to deny oneself is to deny one’s very existence and ultimately one’s survival. Lives lived cut off from the Branch will sooner or later begin to wither and whatever fruit has been produced in a disconnected life will soon begin to wilt and die.

Nature displays our dependence on God, the unseen intangible force in which we live, move and have our being – the very stuff we are made up of. Nature moves in harmony with this force and where there’s disharmony, devastation follows, for we cannot kick against the prick and not feel the effects of it.

A river that becomes cut off from the sea sooner or later will dry up. For it no longer can sustain the freshness of its water and therefore can no longer support the life that lives within it.

So how can a person return to the Source of life and power?

Begin where it all started – from within. We must return to the Source of our lives and reconnect from within and allow the refreshing cleansing water of the Spirit to move in and through us removing the debris of negativity and restore life in us once again.

Return to the Source of Life by becoming quiet and consciously invite the presence of Life and Love to flow freely in us. When we release all of our inhibitions and remove the gates of indifference toward the Unseen Omniscient Presence of our Creator, we have returned home and like the prodigal son can again enjoy the blessings of our eternal Father, whose offspring we are. It is our rightful place to be.


  1. That's a good reminder to turn within, Alicia. It is so good to enjoy the blessings of God. Sincerely, Susan


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