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Monday, April 26, 2010

Creating Miracles - The Process - Part 1

It's your turn to learn from the Master... and create miracles in your life...

Jesus wanted to feed the people because they were hungry. The disciples were concerned.

How can anyone fill and satisfy these people with loaves of bread here in this desolate and uninhabited region?

The disciples looked around them – the situation seemed impossible. They looked at the crowd, calculated the cost, and gave a final analysis. In a logical natural sense, only what the eyes could see, it was an impossible situation.

Jesus, however, did not focus on the surrounding circumstance. He could have said, “You’re right, there’s way too many people here to feed, and we can’t do that. Sorry folks, that’s all for now, hope you make it back home safely. God go with you and keep you on the way.” No, Jesus asked, ”How many loaves have you?” He knew it was food they needed. So He looked at what the disciples had to match the need. “Seven,” they replied.

Jesus told the people (the multitude) to sit down on the ground. He took the bread, the 7 loaves, and gave thanks. He broke them and kept on giving them to His disciples to put before the people, which they did. Notice here, the words were kept on giving –showing ongoing, continuing.

Jesus did the same with the few small fish – He praised God and gave thanks, and asked Him to bless them (to their use). Again, these were ordered to be set before the people. They ate and were satisfied. The Bible says, they took up seven (large provision) baskets full of the broken pieces left over. He dismissed the 4,000 of them. Mark 8:1-10

Let’s closely examine the process Jesus used; 4000 people to be fed in a ‘desolate and uninhabited region’.

Jesus saw an opportunity to display the glory of God; only 7 loaves and a few small fish – enough to create a miracle.

Spiritual laws when activated, dominate the natural laws, and shifts and bends, changes and multiplies them to meet the spiritual/inner desired results; faith that rises above every situation.

Jesus said that the works He did, we shall do also and even greater works shall we do because He is going onto the Father.

We need to harness the power God has given us within, and discipline our minds, and our tongues to control and move mountains in our lives.

The physical evidence shows: large crowd, 7 loaves, and few fish. Logically/naturally that does not make sense. But Jesus knew who He was and the power that lies within Him. He changed and transformed, shifted the natural laws by applying the spiritual and supernatural laws.

1) He set 1st His intentions – to feed the people.
2) He looked for what they already had that he could use
3) He took the bread – 7 loaves
4) Gave thanks – gave is the key word. He first gave to the spiritual realm/to God – giving thanks, showing gratitude
5) He then broke the bread and kept on giving

He satisfied the requirements of both laws – the heavenly and the earthly.

The heavenly law – praise, gratitude, thanksgiving
The earthly law – giving to others, taking care of the needy (their physical, emotional, mental needs)

1) The few fish
2) He praised God and gave thanks
3) He asked God to bless them (fish) to their use – for the purpose He intended- to feed the people
4) He gave to the people

Again, He satisfied both laws – the spiritual, then the natural.

The crowds were fed, and satisfied, and the leftovers were gathered up.

Watch out tomorrow for Part 2

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