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Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Small but effective!

Why starting small or starting slowly may prove to be more effective to achieving your ideal weight.

How many times have you started an exercise routine and end up falling off? You're all excited about working out. The first day you could go on and on. A week or two into it you're okay, but then, you begin to slack off one day at a time until you stop altogether. I know I've been there.

Why does this happen? As with anything new, you have to set a new programming into your subconscious mind. You've gone from no exercise at all and then suddenly you're getting into this new routine that's contrary to your internal programming. Your inner blue print is rejecting this because this is not your habitual way of living.

When you begin to take small steps at a time, you're slowly reprogramming your subconscious programming. Starting with something that you know you could do, like walking for 30 minutes every day or five days a week, will begin to send the new message to your subconscious mind which will begin to yield its automatic power to you and cause you to naturally want to exercise and keep exercising. Even if you fall off, you'll want to or rather long to go back to exercising because it's now embedded within you.

As you continue with this new habit, your body will want to go for these walks and would enjoy the fresh air. You could also add jogging to the routine.

Any new change requires persistence. But when you're persistent with the small steps it would become easier to be more habitual in your new way of life.

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  1. You are right on, Alicia. Small steps help reprogram the mind. I'm loving swimming but it's really not helping me to lose weight. I need to add walking, which I'm starting to, as you said, little by little. Thanks for your posts. Sincerely, Susan


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