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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spiritual Growth - 4 Foundational Steps to Deepen your Spiritual Growth in 2011

If you desire to deepen your spiritual growth this year, there are a few foundational steps that you can follow to consciously deepen your connection to your spiritual Source. The deeper you go within, the less the outer world and its conditions affect your inner peace. 

There's a place within you where stress, frustration, lack, inferiority complex, illness or whatever ailment you suffer because of the outward connection cannot invade. This place of quietness, where the heart of God dwells within you, awaits your arrival for you to experience life on a higher plane, for you to experience the power and presence of Unconditional Love

Let's look at the 4 foundational steps you can use to deepen this spiritual growth

Set aside quiet time

God dwells in the silence. In the stillness you become calmer and relaxed as you turn your attention within to the presence of the Spirit and the energy of life that dwells within. Put aside a few times a day to get quiet and become consciously connected with the Source of your power within. As a child I learned this song:

Whisper a prayer in the morning
Whisper a prayer at noon
Whisper a prayer in the evening
To keep your heart in tune

Whether your prayer is to ask a favour of the Spirit or to consciously make that connection within, your heart will remain in tuned with the Spirit and keep you tender within.

Turn all your attention within

Listen as if you're waiting for an answer from someone except you're looking inside of you and listening for the answer. Who could tell what you may hear. Pay attention. Turn your eyes inwardly. Be consciously present to what's happening inside of you. Look within as if you're expecting someone or something to emerge. You're giving the Spirit the invitation to connect with you in ways you may never have imagined.

Get your feelings involved

Feel the presence of the Spirit. Feel joy, feel peace, feel the presence and power of Unconditional Love. Allow your mind to relax and feel the energy waves of the Spirit as it moves through your body and within your inner being. Allow the Spirit to elevate you to a higher level of inner connection each time. Know that you are one with God and God with you. Feel that oneness. 

What to do if your mind wanders off?

At first you may find your mind wandering off to other things, bring your attention back to the center of your being. Keep practicing each time and you'll find that you'll become more focused and your attention more present that not. 

Once you put these steps into practice, you'll find that you'll want to go deeper and as you go deeper your life becomes more fulfilled. When the outward situations try to bring your down, you have a place of quiet rest where you can turn to and experience peace in spite of what's going on around you. You build inner strength and tranquility each day. 


  1. Hi Alicia..You know, as I got older, I seemed to crave silence more and more. Of course, it was because that's where one connects with Spirit. Very nice post again. By the way, isn't this the month baby comes? Susan

  2. I know what you mean Susan. I think it's ingrained within us and as we get older we hear the call for more silence. Thanks Susan. No, baby comes in a couple of months. Thanks.


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