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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - Don't Let Go, Troubles Don't Last Always

Keep dreaming and believing. Don't let go of your dream. Don't let go of the words the Spirit has spoken to you in your heart. Keep holding on to that word, that inspiration, that insight. 

I recall the times when I've been expecting my situations to turn around and even though I could not physically see things working out or my situation getting better, I would go into my quiet time and the Spirit would remind of the words I had received and I'd be encouraged to keep holding on. 

One of them from the scripture was, "Go in peace woman, your faith has made you whole." Every time, those words would uplift me and helped me to keep the faith. Whenever I go through any situation I pull up on those gems and also keep my ears open for fresh insights.

Whatever you're going through, keep expecting an answer. It will come. Hold on. Troubles don't last forever. Joy will surely come 'in the morning.'

Today's tunespiration comes from James Ingram, Don't Let Go.


  1. Oh, thanks, Alicia. That was a great message. Hold on to one's dream. Hope you have a great Saturday. Susan

  2. p.s. Loved the video by James Ingram, too, Alicia. You find the best things! Susan

  3. Thanks Susan. You too. This is a very powerful and encouraging song.


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