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Monday, January 17, 2011

Change your Life - The Power of a Small 3 Letter Word to Change Your Life

When we survey a difficult situation most of us say that a solution can’t be found or it can’t be done. We’ve come to underestimate the power of the small 3 letter word – HOW. When we say, “Can’t,” we shut the door to what’s possible and therefore we never experience the impossible. 

However, when we say or ask, “How,” then possibilities open up to us. We pave the way for inspired ideas to come to us and miracles to manifest in our lives through the power of the Spirit.

The great oak tree was once a small seed. Don’t underestimate the size of small things because they have locked within them the potential to grow into large things, change your situation and change your life.

Let’s look at how we can use this small but powerful word to our advantage.

H – Have Faith

If you believe that whatever you’re asking for can be done or can manifest in your life, then you can have what you believe. Faith is acceptance of that belief that, even though your desire may seem impossible, you can have it if you activate your faith. Nothing can stand in your way. All that you need to help you experience what you desire will come to your aid. Stand fast in your strong faith.

O – Own It

Own your desire. See yourself experiencing what you want. Use your imagination to visualize yourself surrounded by and enjoying what you want to manifest. Feel it as your own. Let the cells of your body feel the energy of your desire as it grows inside you and as you become one with it until there’s no separation between you and your desire.

W – Wait and Expect

Wait for the answer and expect to receive it. Wait for the manifestation and expect to experience it. Once you get an answer act on what you have already. Remember the oak tree; you cannot wait to see stems and leaves before you sow the seed in the ground. 

Start with what you already know you can do – sow the seed into the soil. Do the action that you can do and the Universal Energy will come to your aid and cause your seed to continue on to the germination stage and continue to grow each day until it matures and produces fruit.

Whenever you feel tempted to say, “I can’t,” stop yourself right there and change that, ‘I can’t’, to ‘I can’ and then ask, “How.”


  1. That was good, Alicia. Very, very good. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Have a good evening.


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