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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Action Thursday - Overcome Procrastination to Break Through Barriers of Indecision

At the beginning of a New Year many people make New Year resolutions in an attempt to achieve some personal change only to find that into a few weeks or months they fall off and even worse, they never ever get started on what they said they would do to change their lives. Procrastination is one of the main reasons why dreams remain dreams and never become a reality. 

How do you overcome procrastination so you can break through barriers of indecision?


Procrastination comes about when we don't make a firm focused determined decision to do what we say we will do. The remedy for procrastination is really deciding that you will have your desire and then following up that decision with persistent action until your desire is manifested. 

Action Step - So what decision are you going to make today backed by action steps that will get you closer to your goal? Make it now and write it down.

Reaffirm your decision

Each decision you make to change any aspect of your life must be reaffirmed on a daily basis to keep the fire burning on your decision. Reaffirming of your decision to change is like putting fresh logs into the fire place of your desire so it can continue to blaze with intensity as you move toward realization of your goal. 

Action Step - Reaffirm your decision now. Write it down and reaffirm your decision every day. Remember, you are reminding yourself of the decision you made and you are reprogramming your subconscious that this is what you desire in your life.

Solidify your decision with action

By taking daily action you are again reinforcing your decision that you will achieve your goal. You will continue to grow each day; you are activating your faith, knowing that you will manifest your desire and that the universe will come to your aid and provide the resources you need to bring your desire into fruition. 

Action Step - What action steps could you take today and every day from here on that will bring you close to your goal? Each step you take will move your forward. Write down those steps now and begin to do them.

What to do if obstacles come your way and setbacks set in? 

Be persistent and be determined even if you need to change your action steps. Change your route but remain faithful to your goal and once you have gone through this growth period of remaining committed to your goal you will begin to see the fruit of your desire. 

Action Step - Decide to be persistent and determined. Change your route if you must but remain faithful to your goal. 

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