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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Action Thursday - A Peak Into My Personal Quiet Time and Become Empowered from Within

The following is an excerpt from my personal morning quiet time. My desire is to manifest some personal goals and I wanted to give you a peak into my personal quiet time and the inspiration I received from the Spirit a few mornings ago. 

"If I look at what other people are doing and compare their success with what I want to do, then I limit myself based on the measurement of their progress. But if I looked to the unlimited potential and possibilities of the Spirit and measure what I desire to accomplish through this vast supply, then what I want to do becomes as a drop in the bucket in the vastness of potential and possibilities of the universe.

Therefore, I cannot rely only on what has already been created to decide if I can have my desire. I must look to the wisdom of the Spirit to show me how to create what I want to manifest in form. 

I must see it in me.
I must embrace it in me.
I must own it.
I must become one with it.
I must allow the Spirit to unfold the formation of it in my life.
I must stay closely connected with the Spirit and follow Spirit guidance, playing the 'keys' and 'singing the melody' of the Spirit. 

In order to do this, the outer voices must be silenced and great attention and focus must be placed on the Spirit's voice that I may hear the 'melody', 'sing along' and 'dance the dance of the Spirit'.

Whatever the Spirit says to do, I will do. The Spirit knows the way and has a grand plan. And as I follow along, the plan will unfold one step at a time. The Spirit's way is not hard. It is with ease and effortless as I release all of my fears and inhibitions. I gain strength, courage and confidence to follow along and do what needs to be done. All I need to complete the task is supplied to me.

I will begin where I am and with what tools I already have and as the Spirit supplies more, I will use what has been provided for me.

My #1 goal is to listen diligently to the Spirit and follow along.

The voices of the outer world seem to give you hope at first but then leave you feeling more confused, unsatisfied, overwhelmed and wanting more. You become more entangled unless the instructions came from the Spirit. The Spirit is compete - shows you which way to go, what to do, how to do it. And when you are done, you feel accomplished, satisfied and free."

I hope what I've shared here will help you in achieving the goals you've set for yourself this year. I have a new program coming out in a few days in which I share more in depth step-by-step strategies to help deepen your spiritual connection so you can remove the blockages in your life and manifest your desires.

Since this is a program geared to better help you, what would be your biggest problem you're facing right now? This and more will be addressed in my upcoming program. 


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! You're speaking my language, Alicia!

  2. Once again you have given such great insight! I love what you said about using what has been provided by the sprit.

  3. Thanks Tracey. Yes, many times we think we don't have anything but little can grow into much and small into great if we begin with what we already have and use it.


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