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Monday, January 31, 2011

Overcoming Anxiety - 5 Steps to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety comes as a result of unresolved issues, something you want or long to be resolved but has not come to a complete resolution. You may experience anxiety on different planes, whether anxiety over unresolved issues in a relationship, financial issues - unpaid debt, shortage of money, anxiety over a job situation, career, business etc.

How do you deal with anxiety? 

You can experience peace in the midst of unresolved issues. As a matter of fact, when you allow peace to enter your mind, you find that the negative anxiety energy no longer cloud your perception of your situation and no longer hinders the outcome of your break through.

1) Consciously identify the problem

Anxiety at times becomes an underlying emotion masked by anger, irritation or depression. So you may be feeling these emotions and snap at the people around you. It may seem as if you're snapping at them because of what they were doing at the moment but the real underlying feeling is anxiety and anxiety over what? 

When you consciously identify what you're anxious over, identifying the culprit, you can now zoom in and deal with it directly. If you don't deal with the emotion, it will sit in the background as an underlying emotion influencing all of the negative emotions you're feeling. 

2) Release the anxiety

Consciously release the anxiety from your body. Feel the anxiety where it's located in your body and mind and consciously release it. Visualize it leaving your body and being replaced by peace and relaxation. 

3) Let go and let God

At this point you're probably thinking about your situation so much, feeling feelings of desperation and overwhelm and you've become caught up in the vortex of this negative emotional turmoil that you're unable to see clearly to the solution. This negative energy wall has put you out of alignment that you're unable to get inspired ideas and wisdom that's already available to you. Your mole hill has now seemed to grow into a mountain. 

It's time to let go and let God. Release it all and the outcome into the hands of the Great Universal Spirit and wait and expect your answer to come. When we hold on so tightly to the situation and outcome, we block our own progress and hinder the universal energy from working on our behalf, confusion sets in and we get more of the same 'no results' as before.

4) Walk in the calmness of the Spirit

The calmness of the Spirit comes from the assurance that all is well and that all is already working out on your behalf. You activate your faith and believe that all that you need has already been supplied and will unfold. When you feel anxiety trying to creep back in, shift your emotions back to that place of peace and assurance. You are using your faith muscles each time you do this.

5) Speak life to your situation

As an act of your faith, speak to your situation, speak life, speak your outcome, encourage yourself, use your affirmations. "I know that all is working out for my good in the best possible way. All I need to fix this situation is coming to me now. I have the wisdom I need to resolve this issue. I have the help I need to change this situation. I am at peace and all is well. I rest in the place of assurance. I am greater than this situation. This too will pass. This is only temporary. The sun will shine again."

Here's your chance to break free and turn your anxiety into positivity.


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