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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Change your Life - Coming out of your Spiritual Comfort Zone to Manifest your Desires

We may hold on to spiritual beliefs that hinder us from growing spiritually and from manifesting our desires and as a result our foundation may become shaken in times of adversity. This happens when what we believe creates a false sense of security around us. Then we go through traumatic experiences which either cause us to go deeper spiritually or turn our backs entirely on God.

This is part of the shaking process, the coming out of the spiritual comfort zone and false belief. You may find yourself feeling disillusioned, feeling lost. But at these times, when we listen to the Spirit, we come into the truth as we release the anger and resentment toward the current situation as well as toward God.

Many of our beliefs may have come from other people's point of view and has nothing to do with truth or our personal experience. This is the time that we're called to a personal experience with the Spirit, to come into a more intimate experience, to deepen our own spiritual walk and gain more understanding of what the Spirit has to offer us. 

Until you've come into your own personal spiritual relationship with God, you'll find yourself constantly relying on others to tell you what the truth is. And when you encounter adverse situations, how will you stand and remain on solid ground? How will you maintain your inner peace?

We weren't designed to remain stagnant in our spiritual growth. Our entire lives are dependent on how we grow spiritually, on how we deepen our connection with the Great Universal Spirit and become more and more consciously aware of our connectedness to the Spirit and all that there is. 

Out of our spiritual growth comes the manifestation of our desires. As we grow, our quiet time deepens; our sense of belonging deepens to that which is greater than ourselves. We become more in tuned with the subtle vibrations of the Spirit and the inner promptings. 

If you've been questioning your own spiritual beliefs and feel the inner call to go deeper, be confident in asking the Spirit for answers to those things you don't understand. Make it a conscious effort to spend that time listening within to what the Spirit is saying to you and gain understanding through the subtle lessons of life. 

Tomorrow we'll look at Comfort Zone #3 - Mental Levels - and the steps to take to come out it. 

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