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Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Starting the Year off with Zest to Achieve your Health and Weight Goals

Now that the festive season is coming to a close you don't have to end the celebration but you can celebrate your life and the fact that you are here to continue to manifest your divinity on earth. Today brings with it a fresh start and the chance for you to continue to embrace your body as the earthen vessel which carries the precious light and life within its core. 

Let this year be the year that you consciously set aside the time each day to spend connecting to the energy of the Spirit within. Feel the healing vibration as it moves through your body and enliven every cell. Feel the feelings of the healing virtue and envision your body being energized and renewed. 

Nurture your body with your love, peace and joy. Release all tension and dislike for the way your physical body looks at this time and love yourself. It is the only body that you have. Destroying it with self-hatred because it does not measure up to the so-called status quo would only create more havoc. 

Be grateful for where you are now and thank your body for bringing you through another year and now look forward to what this new year has to offer - filled with new life and energy. 

Feed your body with foods that are filled with life that it may be nourished from nature. Listen to what your body is saying to you and become in tuned with it. Your body cells are filled with intelligence and as you learn to become more in tuned with what your body is saying you will know what your body needs, what it is asking for. 

Allow the light of the Spirit to shine through you from within, as much as possible. The more you release all the negative emotions that are keeping you bound from enjoying a healthy lifestyle, the more life from the Spirit will flow through your body like the refreshing flow of a debris-free river.

This is your year. Make it the best ever! Happy New Year to you and your body. 

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