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Monday, January 10, 2011

Change your Life - Coming out of the Comfort Zone to Manifest your Desires

So you decided that you're going to change certain areas of your life, that's a good thing. However, to create the change in your life requires leaving your 'comfort zone'. Did I just hear you say, "Oh, man leave my comfort zone?" Yes. And this can be a scary process for some. But it doesn't have to be if you are willing, open and really want to create a difference in your life knowing that all will turn out for the best. 

You see, the life that you're currently living and that you've become dissatisfied with can no longer continue to exist if you really want to change. It's like if you decided to start a garden in your backyard. In order for that change to come about there's going to be some uprooting of the grass, digging some holes - some general remodeling in order to get that garden going. 

At first it may seem chaotic, but if you keep your goal in mind, your reason for the current chaos, it will keep you focused and not disturbed by your current 'displacement'. Friends may come over and wonder what the heck you're doing and then you simply say, "I'm starting a garden." That's your goal. The seeming chaos is part of the change process.

And so it is when you're trying to change your life to manifest your desires, you may go through the 'chaotic' experience of change but at the end, after all the work is complete, your life, like the garden, will yield a beautiful satisfying harvest.

Many people choose to stay in the 'comfort zone' which really isn't a comfort zone at all. It's more like a familiar zone. You're familiar with the pain of your discomfort and you're afraid of the unknown. Afraid of what you're not in control of or what you can't predict the outcome would be. 

You can current predict how your current situation will turn out because of the familiarity. You dislike it, you're not enjoying life - more like enduring it - but you choose to stay. Sometimes, we choose to stay because change requires effort on our part, effort that we're not willing to put out for something different. 

But the thing about the comfort zone is that sooner or later you'll become so discontented that you're forced to make a decision to get out or forced out of the familiar zone that you're in. You can either accept this as the universe is setting up something better for you and go willing with an open mind or you can rebel or protest at how unfair life has been. A willing and an open mind is always the best choice to make. You'll find yourself more at peace instead of trying to fight an uphill battle. 

A few years ago we found ourselves in a situation that could have been quite chaotic had we not turned within to the Spirit and looked for the good that could come out of it. This situation led us to moving our family from our comfort zone into unfamiliar territory but one that has been enriching for us and one that we'd never trade in otherwise. 

What are you willing to risk in order to manifest your desires? 


  1. Hi Alicia...I'm willing to STOP looking at the treadmill and then walking away. I just need to slip on my walking shoes and go ON it. Thanks for the post. Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan. Take it one step at a time. Even if you decide to do 5 to 10 minutes, you'll find that you'll want to do more after a while.


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