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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

7 Foundational Steps to Change your Life in 2011

The celebrations are winding down and here you stand at the top of the year wondering what this year holds for you, how you can change your life and live the life you desire to live. 

Here are 7 foundational steps you need to begin

What is it you want to change in your life? 

Answering this question lays the foundation upon which you can begin to build the life you desire, gain clarity and have a direction in which you're heading. Here's where you focus on the most important part of your life that you want to see this transformation take place. 

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

Mapping your life this way plays an essential part in giving you a visual to where you want to go. As you become clear as to where you are now, you can assess what areas of your life you want to change and then define what that change would be - that would be the 'where you want to be.'

What can you do right now?

What do you know you can do right now to change this area of your life? Begin with what you already have or with what you already know you can do. Remember that every oak tree was once a small seed. When you use the seemingly small things that you have they will begin to expand and grow and in time produce the fruit you desire to manifest. 

Put a plan together

Organize what you already know you can do or what you already know into an action plan. Even if you don't have all the pieces you think you should have to carry out your plan, start with what you already have. More ideas, information and tools will come up to help you manifest what you set out to do.

Put your plan into action

As you put your plan into action you may find that you encounter obstacles and setbacks. Be determined to press through and move forward. Now this does not mean that you should give up on your desire altogether. Perhaps you may need to alter the steps or change direction but not necessarily to give up entirely on your final outcome.

Let go of the outcome 

This may be the hardest part but truly liberating. Do the best you can in peace and joy and release the outcome over to the universe, over to God. Many times we become frustrated because we don't get the results we desire. But it is in this energy of frustration that we hinder our own progress. If at all possible, remove yourself from the frustrating situation, release the negative energy, do something that's puts you back into a positive energy flow until you're able to go into that previous task with this peaceful energy. 

Get some help

Having someone help you through this time could prove to be quite beneficial for you, someone who could hold your hand and help you gain clarity and bring you through the tough times. Sometimes we are too close to the situation to see the positive and another viewpoint with fresh ideas may be just the thing you need to steer you in the right direction or to keep you focused on your goals and accountable.

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