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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Tunespiration - Lost Someone? Hold On To Those Good Memories of Yesterday

Lost someone close to you? Take comfort in the good memories of the past and keep them close to you. Your future plans may fall part, things may not work out the way you intended but you have those sacred memories with you that no one can take away from you. Don't remain there though. Let them give you hope to live again, hope again, love again. 

Each moment you have the choice to choose life. 

Today's tunespiration - Yesterday - Leona Lewis - Lyrics below


I just can't believe you're gone
Still waiting for morning to come
Wanna see if the sun will rise even without you by my side
When we have so much in store tell me what is it I'm reaching for
When we're through building memories I'll hold yesterday in my heart
In my heart

They can take tomorrow and the plans we made
They can take the music that we never played
All the broken dreams take everything
Just take it away
But they can never have yesterday
They can take the future that we'll never know
They can take the places that we said we would go
All the broken dreams take everything
Just take it away
But they can never have yesterday

You always used to say I should be thankful for every day
Heaven knows what the future holds or at least how the story goes
(But I never believed them till now)
I know I'll see you again I'm sure no it's not selfish to ask for more
One more night one more day
One more smile on your face but they can't take yesterday


I thought our days would last forever
(But it wasn't our destiny)
'Cause in my mind we had so much time
But I was so wrong
Now I can believe that I can still find the strength in the moments we made
I'm looking back on yesterday


All the broken dreams take everything
But they can never have yesterday"Yesterday"

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