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Friday, April 20, 2012

Let Divine Love Flow - Create a Life of Peace

Feel like something's missing in your life? Waiting for true love to come along to fill the void in your life? 

No human was meant to fill the emptiness or loneliness you feel in your heart. As a matter of fact you could be surrounded by so many people who love you and still feel lonely. That loneliness you feel is longing for true love, home, the core of your inner being waiting to be filled with the Unconditional Love of the Great Universal Spirit. All other relationships are enhanced from within. To your relationships you bring life not neediness.

Here's an excerpt from Release Your Inner Splendour - Silent Unity

"As I let divine love flow, I create a life of peace

Take time to practice the presence of God, the activity of love. Know that you are in love wherever you are and that love is in you as an attracting, healing, harmonizing and totally fulfilling power. Let your awareness of love begin to transcend the exclusiveness of loving one person, and thus to heal the hurt that may persist over the loss or absence of that one person.

You can grow from loneliness to oneness, but it will take effort. You will need to realize the reality of love that is always present, and you will have to practice the presence. You may feel that your loneliness will give way to oneness when your "true love" comes along. Don't delude yourself! It is not in finding the right person, but in being the right person that leads to the fulfillment in love. 

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