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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4 Simple Tips to Revive Your Dreams

It's spring time again! The new buds are coming up, birds are busy catching up on their feeding and finally, we can see green again instead of white. 

With the winter finally over for some of us and as the last of bit snow continues to melt, we're filled with a sense of new beginning, a chance to start over again. No matter the harshness of the frigid temperatures, nature always reminds us that we can begin again. 

If you're feeling like your dreams and hopes have been beaten down by adversities be encouraged by Mother Nature. 

Sow positive seed thoughts

Revive your dreams by filling your life with positive thought seeds surrounding your dream/your desire.
Look for a new perspective. It may sometimes take just a shift in your perspective to change your attitude towards your desire. 

Nurture positive emotions

Nurture the positive emotions to change your personal internal feeling about manifesting your desire. For example, think about what it would mean to you if you did follow through to making your dream a reality. How would it change your life? How would it improve the lives of others around you? What impact would it make? When you begin seeing the positive and build up that energy it would override the negative emotions coming from your past failure or struggle.

What can you do different? 

Perhaps you've taken steps towards getting the results you want but find yourself becoming disappointed. What different steps can you take that will give you better results than you had before?  

Are you resisting change and new ideas? 

Be an observer of yourself. No one really wants to think of themselves as being resistant. But you need to take a closer look at new ideas that come your way because they may be packaged in a way that you're not used to. Openness to try things out in a different way opens the doors for new opportunities to come.

Want a simple step-by-step process to make your dreams a reality, build your self-confidence, attract the relationship you want or to attract more happiness in your life? Then, I'd invite you to try the Life-changing Map.

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