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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meaningful Life - You were meant for more

Do you ever feel that your life is meant for more?

It's true. You are more than what you've become or accepted for your life.

You were meant for greatness - you were created from greatness and your life is for greatness.

I found this really cool poem from Unity - God Meant You For More by Jeames Dillet Freeman.

I thought it will be very inspirational to help you see your own greatness.

Here goes...

God meant you for more.
Listen, be still, can you hear?
The waves of God's thought
Roll, roll in your mind.
The winds of God's will
Blow, blow through your heart -
Where will they carry you?
The winds and the waves of God's sea
Are high and have no end.
But they carry you to a fulfillment
And a consummation greater even
Than your loveliest dream.
Do not settle for little dreams.
Listen, be still, can you hear?
God meant you for more.

This excerpt was taken from Living on Purpose: Creating a Life You Love.

Instead of waiting for something meaningful to unfold in your life, seize the opportunity to make something happen.

If you'd like to get a free copy of this book you'll be inspired to:

· Make joy a habit
· Dream big
· Listen to your higher self
· Accept that you are not your feelings
· Live your most authentic life
· Become Spirit in action

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