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Friday, April 20, 2012

Have You Lost Your Way?

Do you feel like you've lost your way, that you don't know which way to turn? 

Somewhere along the way you got off track but you're not sure where or when. Whenever you're driving, you could always get out a map or ask someone for help so you can find your path once again. But what do you do when it's your life - when you want to build your self-confidence, find that relationship, gain success, have a happier life?

Did you know that you have your internal GPS to help you? But the problem is that you need to be able to understand how your internal GPS works so you know which way to go. Too technical for you? 

Not really. But it does require you to learn to become still and to develop your listening skills. 

For example; if you don't understand how your GPS in your vehicle works and if you're not listening to it and you keep driving the wrong way, then finding your path may prove to be a difficult task engulfed in frustration and stress.

The same is true when we ignore our internal guidance system. Life becomes confused and we experience many unnecessary difficulties and dangers all because we've not learned to listen to what the Spirit has to offer.

Acting like you know what's best for your life and seeing the great picture are two different things. You are not alone in this creative process of life and yet still many act like they are and that they have to depend only on the limitations of their understanding. No wonder we suffer so many ailments and fall into a false feeling of helplessness. 

You are more than what you've become and your life is destined for greatness. But you come into this greatness when you begin to work with your internal GPS - the GUS (the Great Universal Spirit) whose wisdom supersedes human logic and expectations and whose timetable surpasses that of our own making.

Stopping the madness of empty living is the first step to finding your way back.
The next step? Look within to your inner GPS - the GUS of your soul and follow along. Never leave home without it - meaning the Spirit is always with you but it's now your turn to consciously set your intention to work in harmony with the Spirit.

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