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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I`m Thinking Positive But Why Is This Happening To Me?

Your positive thinking not working?

Have you ever asked why things are happening to you that you didn't ask for? You want what you want but others things 'seem' to be getting in the way of what you want?

Whenever we ask the Spirit for help, we always get what's best for our lives.

Instead of seeing this as taking away from your life or giving you what you don't want, ask the Spirit what lesson is being taught here. Look at what's happening in front of you, the opportunities that the Spirit is presenting to you. See your situation through a positive perspective of divine order.

Your situation may seem draining right now. But ask the Spirit for strength to keep going. And remember that whatever seeds that you're sowing in the life of others right now will come back to you. The seeds of kindness that you do to others will open the way for your own blessings to come to you.

See your situation as a gift offering to the Spirit and as your seed offering for the abundance you desire.

It's a matter of shifting your perspective on how you view your situation. Let your giving come from a place of joy inside of you and an opportunity to share love.

Take the time to listen closely. You may learn a whole lot more about your life and about the people around you.

Be open and go with the flow. Let go. Don't fight it. Treat this as a gift. Say, "Holy Spirit, I am open to what you have for me today. I now let go and receive your blessings."

When the Spirit answers it may not always be the most convenient but it's always the most rewarding.

You're asking and the Spirit is answering. Look for the hidden gems that are being brought into your life. Have a thankful and joyful heart for the blessings even if you don't see yet how this is serving your own personal agenda.

Go with the flow and reap the harvest the Spirit has for you. You'll see. Your life will be more enriched by it as you look for the blessings each day.

Lost your job? Look at this as an opportunity to rest, regroup and get a more fulfilling career or use this time to focus on deepening your inner connection and discovering your own life purpose. It may be a chance for you to focus more on developing your other skills.


  1. You are right, Alicia, that sometimes God answers our prayers differently from the way we WANT him to anser. But His ways are always best. Take care. Susan

    1. That's right Susan. It always works out in the end.


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