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Monday, April 9, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 7

7 Ways to Simplify and Unclutter Your Life

It’s amazing how we can collect so many things in our lives. Some of them we don’t really need or even have the space to put them. You probably bought stuff that you didn’t even need and finally got tucked away somewhere in another corner in your house. 

More stuff complicates things, taking up room that you could use for the other more important stuff or allow the free energy to flow inhibited through your house and life.

Okay, so let’s look at how we can begin to simplify things and start getting rid of the unnecessary stuff – mentally and physically - and unclutter our lives.

#1 – Your body

You have excess fat that's cluttering your cells? Then, now is the time to make a decision to get rid of the unwanted excess weight and free up your system from the extra work it has to do. Think of the benefit to you if you felt lighter, healthier and more energized. Your system will thank you for it.

Instead of undertaking a very ambitious approach which could lead you to feelings of overwhelm or discouragement, start with small changes in your diet - changes that you know you could stick with.

#2 – Your mind

Our minds entertain many thoughts on a daily basis, many of them recurring over and over again, and some being more dominant than others.

And like a garden, you need to regularly monitor and weed your thoughts from the weeds of negativity in order for the positive thought crop to have the opportunity to grow from your focused attention.

If you pay attention to your thoughts, you begin to see a pattern to the thoughts that most dominate your mind. From there you can measure if these thoughts are positive in their creativity or negative. Are these thoughts creating the future I desire or am I trying to push away things from my life by focusing on that which I don't desire to see manifest in my reality? How can I change this thought to one that is positive? What is it I desire?

#3 – Your spirit

If we are not constantly keeping watch and regularly weeding the garden of our spirits we will not be able to benefit from receiving the full 'nutrients' from our Source.

If our lives are cluttered with weeds which choke out that which is essential for our survival and growth how can we expect to live to our fullest potential doing what we were meant to do naturally without being inhibited?

#4 – Your career

If you find yourself despising your job, your career, then, it is time to consider doing some weeding to getting into the place you were meant to be. Or if you find that your career is not fulfilling your inner passion and life purpose then you need to re-examine your position and move in the direction of beginning to make changes. Knowing what you feel joy in doing or what you feel passionate about is the first step before you can make a decision to do what you love to do. Once you know that then you can move to the next step. What do you love to do?

#5 – Your clothes

If you are keeping clothes you've not worn in many years with the thought that one day you'll fit into them, why not consider giving them away to someone who could use them right away instead of waiting for someday that may never get here.

Giving gets you out of the attitude of hoarding and into activating the law of giving and receiving. You're allowing the flow of renewal into your life.

#6 – Your social life

Because the people we hang out with on a regular basis tend to influence the way we think and ultimately behave, it is therefore imperative that we choose our friends with care. Our friends should lift us to a higher level than where we are and encourage us to be the best we can be. If you find that the friends you're hanging out with are not leading you in a way that enhances your life it's time to think about uncluttering your social life.

#7 – Your time

Once our time is gone, we could never retrieve that moment, it is gone forever. Therefore observing how you use your time will give you indicators as to how it's being spent and what adjustments need to be made to gain the maximum benefit of your time. Observe your daily routines. You'll begin to see patterns emerge - things that you do on a regular basis. Be the silent observer of you.

If you`re struggling to get rid of the clutter in your life, check out this resource for more help


  1. Hi Alicia...That was a good list. Definitely there is fat plugging up cells. When I lost (in the distant past), I DID feel and look better---much better. It seems that it gets HARDER as we get older but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

    Thanks for the tips. Susan

    1. Thanks Susan. 'Seems' is the key word but not necessarily is. I think it's more of our perspective and doing the right things to get the results we want. And you're right it is possible.


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