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Friday, April 27, 2012

Get Out of Your Head - Get into The Flow

Feel like your mind is constantly going with no time to just rest? There’s a place inside of you where peace resides. I call it your inner sanctuary. And no matter what you’re going through or how frustrated things get on the surface in your external experiences, you can turn your attention inward to that place of peace.

I recall going through some hurtful experiences in my life and when I turned my attention towards the place of peace and love inside of me, my healing process accelerated. It was when I came out of my position of peace and back into my head going over all that occurred that I began to stir up those painful memories and feelings again.

Your inner sanctuary is your place of refuge from all the stresses you encounter in life so you can rejuvenate, regroup, get wisdom to live a happier and more productive life.

Take some time out for yourself over the next few days and relax your mind. Allow the life-energizing flow of the Spirit to cleanse you, give you a fresh perspective on life, heal you. Your healing will only begin when you allow it to.

Daily meditation moves you from surface to connecting to the heart of the universal Spirit. When all your experiences come from your external environment, you deplete your vital life-force.

Here's a resource for you to use to help you connect and get into the flow.

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