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Monday, April 2, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 6

Delegating Secrets - 7 Immediate Benefits of Delegating Tasks to Capable Others

Delegating tasks is a vital option if you find yourself doing the juggling act between your family, housework and work life. If you feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, it’s time to consider other options for you to begin to offload some of these responsibilities.

In this article we’ll look at 7 immediate benefits of delegating tasks to capable others and suggest some options for doing so.

Benefit #1 - Releases stress

Being pulled in too many directions is bound to have you feeling stressed, especially when you have deadlines to meet. There’s only 24 hours in a day and you can only do so much within that time including having downtime for yourself. Don’t compromise your health.

Benefit #2 - Releases overwhelm

Feeling like something’s squeezing your brain when you think about all the things that you need to get done? Being overwhelmed leads to stress and shuts down creativity and motivation. Delegating tasks provides an avenue for your mind to be at ease.

Benefit #3 - Relaxes you

Feeling knotted up with frustration? Once you delegate some of your tasks you’ll begin to feel more relaxed and not so tense all the time.

Benefit #4 - More free time, more fun time

Delegating the tasks that consumed most of your time will now give you more time to focus on doing the things you do enjoy as well as incorporate more fun time into your life. The more time you spend on doing things that do enjoy, the more fulfilled life becomes.

Benefit #5 - Opens the flow of creativity

As you delegate your tasks to others, in your relaxed state, you open the flow of creativity. You begin to see new and more productive ways of doing things which you hadn’t seen before because you were too bugged down with too many things on your plate.

Benefit #6 - Get more done in less time

Assigning tasks to one or two other people will allow you to get more done in less time. You’ll have your
personal team working with you therefore getting things done quickly and more efficiently, saving you not only time but also money.

Benefit #7 – You get the benefit of other people’s talents

Delegating tasks allows you to benefit from other people’s talents without you having to go learn it all or do it all yourself. As a matter of fact it gives you a chance to improve in the areas you’re really good at while giving others a chance to enhance their skills as well.

What are some options you can use to help you delegate your tasks? Here are a few:
- Your child/children
- neighbour’s child
- friend
- college/university student
- freelancer


  1. It’s hard to escape stress in the modern world, which is why stress management skills are so valuable.


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