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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Struggling to Manifest Your Desires? Try These 3 Mental Motor Skills

Struggling to manifest your desires? Perhaps you're grabbing desperately after what you want and find that your desires are becoming more elusive to you.

What's happening here? You're doing all you can to get the results you want but are still coming up short and can't figure out exactly what's going on.

So you get frustrated and focus on why things aren't working out for you. The more desperate you become, the more aggressive you go after your desire, the more you push what you want away from you, creating a negative wave of energy signals around you.

Let's look at a practical example - my 10 month old daughter found playing with a balloon quite fascinating. But because she had not yet learned the motor skill of gentle grab, each time she went after the balloon, stretched out her hand to grab after it, the balloon floated further away from her. So she became frustrated and went after the balloon more aggressively. Again, the balloon kept floating further away from her.

It was not until she learned the art of gently but firmly taking the balloon that she was able to hold it and play with it. Other times she'd relax, sit and observe as the balloon floated over to her.

So let's look at 3 mental motor skills you can use to attract what you want to manifest your desires.

Mental Motor Skill #1 - Set your intentions

When you want to manifest your desires, set your intentions for what you want and put your attention to the results you desire and not on what you don't want.

Your intentions are spiritual seeds. So when you set your intentions you're putting your intention seeds into the soil of Universal Spirit. You become in alignment with universal energy that will open the flow to what resources you need to manifest your desires.

Mental Motor Skill #2 - Put your attention on what you want

Put your attention on your intention. What your eyes are focused on creates your reality. The more you are focused on your intention, the more you will go into action mode to create the results you desire. More inspired ideas will come to you to help you on your quest.

Mental Motor Skill #3 - Let go of the outcome

Set your intentions but let go of the outcome. Allow the Universal Spirit to work on your behalf and synchronize events at the right time to match the results you want.

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