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Friday, February 17, 2012

Self-Esteem - 7 Steps to Master Your Self-Talk To Create A Positive Self-Image

Your self-talk influences your emotions and ultimately your actions. Think about it. What you're saying to yourself; is it making you feel good about yourself or your current situation? Is it encouraging you to take position action to better yourself or no action at all because you're afraid of what might happen if you did step out of your comfort zone?

With the next 7 steps you can begin to master your self-talk and create the positive self-image you desire.

Step #1 - Self-analysis

The key to change is in first taking an analysis of you. Be aware of your own thoughts and your inner dialogue. Observe yourself; what situations trigger your negative self-talk? Mark them, make mental note of them and look for ways you can counteract the feelings that come with these situations. How could you shift your thinking? How could you respond differently?

Step #2 - Decide on what you want to change

What do you want to change about how you see yourself? Make a focus determined decision right now that you will change your perspective of yourself. Create a strong 'why' - why is this so important to change and why you want to change? Your 'why' will give you something to hold on to when you face setbacks or challenging times.

Step #3 - Get clarity on your new self-image

It's time to fine-tune your mental image. What are you doing? Who are you being? Add visuals as much as possible. See yourself acting out the person you choose to be - walking with head up, shoulders squared, giving that speech, being confident when speaking with others. Begin to explore this area until you have a clear image of what you want.

Step #4 - Create your affirmation carefully

Create your affirmation around your positive mental image. You may say something like, "I am special. I am beautiful and I have unique qualities that make me shine and express my divinity." Rehearse it until you know it. What you're doing is changing your previous negative self-talk and reprogramming your subconscious mind with a new image and changing the cells in your body to respond to your new image.

Step #5 - Connect emotionally to your affirmation

Feel your affirmation. What would it feel like to be bold, to trust your own decisions, to feel socially comfortable in your own skin? Feel it, own it. Your emotions add fuel to your desire.

Step #6 - Place reminders to help you

Use sticky notes and cards as reminders to help you make that conscious decision each day to remember to repeat and connect with your affirmation and your new self-image.

Step #7 - Gratitude

Be thankful for who you are, for your new positive self-image. Why gratitude? Because when you are thankful you are indicating to the universe that you already have the thing that you are thankful for. You are creating the intangible image of your desire which will be mirrored in your tangible/physical experience.

This exercise immediately shifts your thinking and your perspective from seeing yourself as not having, to seeing yourself as already in possession of a positive self-image.

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