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Friday, February 10, 2012

Change Your Life - How to Change Your Life Using Your Most Powerful Tool, Your Thoughts

Changing your life is an internal process. But most time when we want to create the change where do we start? We look at the circumstances and change our actions. Now, that may work for a while. But unless you’ve made the internal equivalent what happens is that you’ll end up back at the same place as before – starting but losing will power and then give up.

Your thoughts influence every aspect of your life. Your thoughts are the starting point of all change.

Every thought brings into action certain physical tissues and produces an actual physical change in the tissue. We're changing each time we have a thought and as our physical tissues change they give off that energy that attracts the same kind of energy.

Every thought then is a seed and cannot express itself as anything other than what it is. Every seed's purpose is to grow when it's sown in the soil. So every thought sown in our subconscious will find a way to express itself physically. When we choose our thoughts consciously and keep choosing these same thoughts over and over again, they will begin to grow and eventually manifest in our physical reality.

How can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

Think of and concentrate on the things you desire and give less and less room for the things you don't want to occur in your life.

So what does that look like?

How often do you think about the results you want? Once per day, per week, per month? In order to saturate your mind and then affect your cells to change your subconscious programming, you need to, several times per day, connect with your desire – connect with the image of what you want to manifest. 

Each day express thankfulness for the good that’s already in your life and for all the good that’s coming into your life. This is the process of leaving less room to think or fuss about what you don’t want.

If you find that as you try to change your life that things are not working out quite as you hoped, stop and analyze your thoughts. What are you focused on? Because what you’re focused on and are giving energy to is what’s creating the results you’re experiencing.

Here’s where you make the decision to create new energy waves by starting from the inside and change the method of thinking so you can achieve long-lasting change in your life.

That's what The Master Key System Training Program is all about; teaching you the steps needed to effectively use your thoughts and your mind to create the changes you want.

The program started yesterday but you still have time to get in for Week 1 training.

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