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Monday, February 27, 2012

Keys to Successful Living and Stress Management – Part 1

Fret not thyself – 7 Steps to Overcome Worry

Worry brings stress and blocks inspiration, not to mention how it negatively affects your health.

Life is filled with many joys but can also come with many challenges. How you choose to respond to these challenges determines your quality of life. So here are 7 steps you can use to overcome worry from your life.

Step 1 – Release the stress that comes from your struggle

You know that tension you feel when you’re worried about how things are going to turn out; like how you’re going to pay your bills, pass that exam, the outcome of the medical test. Consciously release that tension from your mind, visualize it going downstream away from you.

Step 2 – Relax your mind

Inhale and then exhale all of that tension. Relax your mind. Let it go. As you inhale, visualize renewed life-energy filling your mind and body. What you are doing here is removing any blockages that will stop the flow of creativity so you can find a positive solution to your situation or at least see things from a positive perspective.

Step 3 – Turn inward to your power strength

If you’re looking outward to find a solution you may end up being disappointed. Your strength comes from within. Turn your attention inward to the place of inner peace. Feel that peace in your mind. In that place of peace inspiration flows easily and effortlessly. You are unencumbered by the entanglements of care.

Step 4 – Draw strength from within

Consciously draw renewed strength from the Universal Spirit. Feel yourself being filled with strength to take the next step, to face another day, to soar over your challenging situation.

Step 5 – Decide what you want the outcome to be

Setting your intention for what you want the outcome to be creates the energy signal that causes the universal power to work on your behalf to bring you the best possible outcome. It also turns your attention onto the positive outcome as opposed to the fear of getting what you don’t want.

Step 6 – Expect the best

Always expect the best outcome. Trust that all is working out on your behalf in the best possible way. Know that the Universal Spirit is bringing together all the people, events and circumstances to create the best outcome for you.

Step 7 – Release the outcome

Allow the Universal Spirit to choose the best path to manifest your desire and rest in that assurance that all is well. Follow along with inner guidance. Sometimes the path chosen may not be how we intended it to be but trust that the result will be perhaps even better than we anticipated.

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