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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meditation - Discover The Top 7 Benefits of Consistent Meditation (Easily Done)

Meditation has been practiced by many people across the ages and has proven to provide many great benefits for the body, mind and soul. If you are thinking about adding meditation as part of your personal ritual you'd want to know how consistent meditation can be beneficial to you.

Benefit #1 - Quiets the mind

When you quiet your mind you remove all the mental chatter that blocks the flow of inspiration and creativity. Most of our mind chatter is filled with negative thoughts of worry, fear and self-sabotage anyway. So it's important to free your mind so you can gain a new perspective on life.

Benefit #2 - Relaxes the body

As you meditate you experience calmness and peace which gives that sense of clarity and control throughout the day.

Benefit #3 - Meditation heals you

As you allow the flow of life-energy to penetrate your inner being, you experience emotional, spiritual as well as physical healing. Connecting deeply with Spirit elevates your energy level which allows you to direct the flow of life-energy into any area of your life.

Benefit #4 - You become empowered from within

Your power grows inside you each day. You can feel the energy of the Spirit all over your body. You are connected to the Source of your power. You are able to influence your environment and change your experiences. You become more self-confident. Fear is replaced with courage and weakness with strength.

Benefit #5 - Raises your divine awareness

When you are God-conscious, you are more aware of your oneness with the Great Universal Spirit, that you a part of and are one with the grand design. You become aware of your divine heritage. You see yourself as a powerful being and can overcome anything instead of being limited and small.

Benefit #6 - Increased sensitivity

You become more in tuned to the Spirit's promptings and guidance. Wisdom and ideas come more easily to you. You realize that wisdom is at your fingers or I should say, just a thought away, whenever you need it. All you need to do is ask and expect the answer to come to you effortlessly. You pay attention more to what's going on around you.

Benefit #7 - Meditation transforms you

You are more energized, you feel more alive. You live life on purpose, have a direction. You impact others with your presence. You become into alignment with the flow of abundance and set your focus on good.

What do you think about the benefits? How has meditation benefited you?

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