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Monday, June 6, 2011

Unconditional Love - Are You Reliving the Ghosts of the Past Today?

Out of your painful experiences come the fiery darts. Hurtful words and actions come out from unhealed areas of your life - symptoms of a person who's reliving the ghosts of yesterday, today.

These areas need to be healed in order to be set free. It's time to turn your attention to where the hurt is, what has caused you pain, what has cut you so deeply. Self-awareness and truth are the first steps forward toward liberation.

As you uncover the truth, as you face it, you're shining light into this darkened area of your life. If you are willing and are open to the healing balm of Unconditional Love, you can be healed of those painful memories.

Let go

Consciously let go of the hurt from the one who has hurt you, the one who has betrayed your trust. Let go of the painful words that cut to the core of your being. Let go of the disappointing, disheartening circumstances. Release them downstream.

Open your heart to forgiveness that you may be set free. Free yourself as you free the one that has hurt you. Free yourself as you let go of and forgive the circumstances that has kept you bound.

Receive healing inside of you

Receive healing in those calloused places of your heart that you've hidden away for so long. Don't hold back, allow the tears to fall if they will. You are releasing the tension, the stress, the pain. You're allowing your heart to be softened and to be tender once again; to love again, to trust again, to have hope again, to try once more - to truly live.

Repeat each time the ghosts of the past comes to visit. Remind them that they no longer control you or live here. Release them and send them on their way. You have a new resident now - the Presence of Unconditional Love abounding in you!

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