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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Action Thursday - Unconditional Love - 3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Forgive

You've heard it said that you should forgive the person who has hurt you. You may not be willing to do so or you may find it difficult because of the extent of the wrong he/she may have done. Knowing the benefits of why you need to forgive your adversary may help you better mentally accept and go through the forgiving process.

Let's look at 3 powerful reasons for forgiveness.

Reason #1 - Forgiveness sets your spirit free

Often times we think that we're forgiving only for the benefit of the other person - that we're letting them get off easily - but forgiveness sets free the spirit of the forgiver. It disentangles your heart so you're not bound by darkness within your heart.

Check your heart and you'll see what I mean. Do you feel happy, joyful and free when you're feeling the pain caused by that person? No, of course not. What you're feeling is anger and perhaps resentment toward them. Left alone creates a knot within your heart. Your heart becomes heavy, followed by depression and sadness.

Reason #2 - Forgiveness paves the way for success

When you forgive, you are sowing good seeds into your own life which will one day produce good fruit. Wishing your offender well lets you feel good in your heart and these good seeds will germinate and continue to grow in abundance in your life.

As you are wishing the other person well, your eyes are filled with that goodness - you are seeing kindness and well-being. Therefore those seeds of kindness and well-being will grow in your life as well. The reverse is also true. Feelings and thoughts of anger and hatred only promote more of the same. Just as cucumber seeds cannot produce tomato fruit, so too, do hate seeds only produce fruit after its own kind, thus causing your heart to become calloused and cold.

Reason #3 - Forgiveness promotes your spiritual and personal growth

As you choose to forgive your offender, you allow the nourishment from the roots of the Great Universal Spirit to heal your broken spirit. You'll experience personal growth in all areas of your life as blockages are removed which have once sabotaged any progress in the past.

There's no glory in you joining in the low energy of your offender hoping that justice will be served by you being indifferent. Though society may promote this and agree, how are you truly being affected? Are we promoting healing to our world?

Sometimes we need to be the one to hold the torch, have the bigger heart filled with love to light the path for others to follow. Then, we also may say as the Great Teacher did, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

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