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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Action Thursday - 5 Action Steps to Break a Bad Habit

Every bad habit can be broken no matter how long you've been doing it. Whether it's a mental, physical or emotional habit you can break free to create habits that are more beneficial in your life. Using the following practical action steps can help you get closer to breaking the habit.

Action Step #1 - Identify your 'why' for breaking the bad habit

Write out a strong enough reason for kicking the habit. It should be something that you really want to achieve more than your will to keep the habit. 

Action Step #2 - Set your intentions to break the habit

Make a firm decision that you will quit your habit even if you hear your mind saying back to you, "I'm not sure if I could actually do this because I've tried so many times before to stop and failed." This time let it be different. You are going to use different tools to help you.

Action Step #3 - Become conscious of your own habit behaviour triggers

Think about what triggers the habit. Is it stress, nervousness, fear, anger? As you consciously identify these triggers you can look for ways to either avoid them or deal with them differently. 

Action Step #4 - Do something different

Once you identify your triggers, plan to do something different. Instead of engaging in the habit, do something different - perhaps listen to some music, hang out with some positive friends, read something uplifting or motivating. Brainstorm some ideas for your particular situation and let the will to achieve your goal push you forward to overcome the force of your habit. 

Action Step #5 - Practice the new habit

Your bad habit got its grip on you because each day you practiced it making it a part of your internal programming. Now you need to reverse the process - practicing to not do the regular activity and change your behaviour to what you want to achieve. 

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