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Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Take Charge With Spirit Guidance

This is an excerpt from Daily Word, Unity.

With Spirit as my guide, I take charge of my life.

I have all I need to create the life I desire through the power and guidance of Spirit within me. I take charge of my health by first affirming the truth of my being:

I am whole and perfect, physically and spiritually beautiful.

Next I take action in support of this truth by getting sufficient rest, exercising, and eating a balanced diet.

I take charge of my attitude by associating with people who are positive and uplifting and by looking for the best in myself and others.

I take charge of my success by accepting responsibility for my life and acting upon the wisdom of Spirit within me.

I take charge of my life by using the gifts of Spirit in life-enhancing ways. Spirit is my guide as I create the life I desire.

Watch the video for some interesting health quotes.


  1. That was great, Alicia. I also love Daily Word. Have gotten it for years.Thanks! Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan. Yes, my mom has read for many years.


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