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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Having Trouble Breaking a Bad Habit? Find Out How From a 6 Year Old - Part 2

Yesterday we covered 2 steps to breaking a bad habit. We'll look at 2 more steps today.

Step #1 - Reprogram the subconscious with repetition and persistence

The first few days after Alexandria announced her decision to quit her habit, she found her finger back in her mouth each time she awoke from sleep. But that did not stop her. She kept trying and she was persistent in spite of her internal subconscious programming.

She was rewriting her internal programming with the pen of persistent repetition. Each time she found her finger in her mouth she pulled it out and kept on trying.

Every thing we've ever mastered, whether good or bad, came as a result of persistent repetition. No matter what obstacles we faced initially, we broke through each one until we mastered the new habit. Remember the subconscious mind does not discriminate between a good habit and a bad habit. That's your job; the job of your conscious decision to keep doing a thing sends the message to the subconscious internal programming that sets the habit in place.

Step #2 - Ask for help from someone who's been there

She recognized that she needed help to overcome the habit so she stated what the problem was, "Mom, every time I try to stop, I wake up in the night and find my finger in my mouth." Knowing that I had the same habit as a child she was curious to know what I did to stop.

So I told her that I used to put my hand under my tummy to prevent me from sucking it and I told her that each time I found my finger in my mouth I would immediately take it out and kept practicing that over and over again. Armed with this information, Alexandria decided to try it. She kept practicing until finally she did it.

Sometimes we need to ask for help from someone who's been there and have come out successfully if we're struggling on our own. They may have ideas from their own experience that will save a lot of time and stress.

Look out tomorrow for another step to breaking a bad habit.

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