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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Having Trouble Breaking a Bad Habit? Find Out How From a 6 Year Old - Part 3

We've covered 4 steps so far this week. Let's look at the last step to breaking a bad habit.

Step #5 - Change your strategy

When Alexandria realized that her method was not working, she was willing to change her strategy and apply the new way to achieve her goal.

If something's not working, there's no point to keep going on, on that path. Change your strategy. Adapt something new that has worked for someone else and apply it to your own life.

At the time Alexandria decided to quit her finger-sucking habit, her baby teeth came out and her adult teeth were getting ready to come in. Now she has beautiful straight teeth to go with her beautiful smile. She feels quite accomplished that she finally achieved her goal - beautiful teeth.

What habit are you struggling with? Are they mental - struggling with negative thinking, low self-esteem? Are they physical - nail biting, smoking, overeating? These methods work across board in all areas of your life. Try them and empower yourself from within. Thanks to Alexandria who's now over 7 years old.

If you're having trouble breaking the habit of low self-esteem and inferiority complex, help is here. Find out how when you visit

Tomorrow we'll look at specific practical action step you can take right away to get you started on the path to breaking a bad habit.

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