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Monday, June 20, 2011

Having Trouble Breaking a Bad Habit? Find Out How From a 6 Year Old - Part 1

Trying to kick a bad habit but find yourself ending up right back where you started? Whether it's a physical or a mental habit you can follow these steps used by my daughter Alexandria when she was 6 years old to quit her finger-sucking habit.

Step #1 - Set your intentions

Alexandria wanted to stop sucking her finger and she made a firm decision that she was going to quit. She knew what she wanted and set her intentions to achieve her goal.

Mentally setting your intentions with a firm decision is the first step before physical achievement. It is the decision-making process that moves the universal power in action on your behalf to bring all you need to accomplish your goal.

Step #2 - Have a strong enough 'Why'

Alexandria wanted to quit her finger-sucking habit because she did not want to disfigure her teeth. When we told here that her finger was preventing her teeth from growing properly, she made her decision to stop sucking it.

When your 'why', your reason for wanting to achieve any goal, to quit any habit becomes stronger than the will to keep the habit, you will break through any barriers no matter how long it takes or how many attempts you need to make in order to succeed. Your 'why' must be stronger than your habitual mental or physical addiction.
Watch out tomorrow for 2 more steps to breaking a bad habit.

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