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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Need Healing of Painful Memories? Open Up To Unconditional Love

When we've been hurt deeply by the words and actions of someone close to us, we can find ourselves replaying the old recording in our heads - over and over we replay the hurtful words and relive the hurtful action. What's occurring here is that we're deepening the wound. The event has ended but by focusing on the incident we're making reruns and delaying our own healing.

The healing balm of Unconditional Love is available to heal you and free you from the bondage of painful memories.

Be willing

You must be willing to let go of the hurt. You must be willing to be healed. You may say, "Who doesn't want to be healed of past hurtful memories?" But sometimes we have that inner addiction to keep rehashing the past. We gain our identity from it and to separate ourselves will leave us in a place of wondering who we are outside of our painful experiences. So willingness to be healed and separation from the pain of the past will get the healing process started.

Be open

The healing balm of Unconditional Love is always flowing. Love heals and you can return to the place of wholeness even though you've been broken. Resistance hinders and delays the healing process. The mind that's willing to let go of what no longer serves the whole body and is open to the warmth of love will begin to invite the flow of Unconditional Love into the hurtful places of the heart.

By saying, "I'm willing. I'm open," removes the clouds from blocking the rays of wholeness and will allow the healing balm to restore peace, joy and love into you.

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  1. Hi Alicia! Welcome back. You must have had computer problems. Hope all is well. Nice to see your post. Take care. Susan


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