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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Need inspired ideas?

Relax and center yourself

Inspiration comes all the time but the only way you can actually tap in to it is when you relax and center yourself and allow it to flow.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. When you release the tension, you free yourself from entanglement and you can now receive inspired ideas.

Use visualization - see yourself inhaling tranquility and exhaling all tension. Inhale fresh new ideas and exhale what you don’t need, tension and frustration. Enter into a place of inner peace. You do this every day when you breathe in; you’re taking in oxygen for your body. Your body uses this oxygen.

As you exhale, you breathe out carbon dioxide which is waste. You keep what is good and release what is not beneficial to you. Similarly, you breathe in oxygen – life, calmness, so you can experience peace. You exhale carbon dioxide releasing tension and frustration into the atmosphere so this energy could be recycled on the energy matrix – like plants need carbon dioxide as part of their means of food creation through the process of photosynthesis.

This release and eliminates tension so you can fully function in a state of peace which opens up the door for creativity and inspired ideas to flow and expand.

One day when we were camping, we tied the leashes of our dogs, Moses and Chief to a tree. While they were both playing they became entangled. I tried to untangle them but they kept on playing and as they played they became even more entangled. It was only when I sat them down, made them relax, was I able to untangle their leashes and free them.

When you’re tangled in frustration, you’re setting up blockers from receiving your flow of inspired ideas. You are the river bed and once you’ve cleared the debris or the blockers from damming up this fresh continuous flowing supply, inspired ideas flow through you easily and naturally, like water in a river.

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