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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Change your Life in 2010 - 5 Steps to Release the Past Negative Experiences and Change your Life in 2010

Releasing the negative experiences of the past elevates you to a higher level of living. Whatever regrets you have of the past, whatever the hurt, whatever the disappointment, it's time to release it and move on. But exactly how do you release the past? How do you let go of pain that goes deep within? How do you rise up above the disappointments, the failures, the fears so you could move on?

These 5 steps give you some guidelines to rise you up over the negative experiences of the past.

1) Decision

For every situation you ever change or will change in your life you start with a decision. You decide if you will continue to allow the negative past experiences to dictate how you currently choose to feel. Or you will take control of your decisions and decide that you are master over your emotions. Once you make that decision, the next step allows you to shape your mindset.

2) Conscious letting go

"I release these negative feelings from my mind and my heart and I choose to embrace feelings of love, joy and peace." When you make a conscious decision to release and let go of the negativity of the past you're sending positive energy through your body that positions you to attract more positive emotions.

3) Shift the mental thinking

Find the positive in the situation and focus on it. Shift your mental thinking from the past negative experience and look for the positive. Every cloud has a silver lining. No matter how dark the cloud may be there's always a positive. Ask within, "What's the lesson here? What good could come out of this?" And expect it, even if you may not see it at the moment.

4) Practice

A baby learns to walk by practicing over and over again until she learns to walk without falling. If you've taken up a new craft, like knitting or anything else, it will take regular practice until you become better at it. Remember, if your habitual way of thinking is to focus on the negative or look at things from a negative perspective, it will take regular practice and determination to create the new way of looking for the positive in every situation.

5) Live in the now

Whether it's 5 minutes or 5 years, whatever your negative experience, it is in the past. Many times we have difficulty differentiating between the two, the past and the current. We bring the past negative emotion into the present and relive it over and over even though the actual situation that caused the negative emotion in the first place no longer exists.

One way of dealing with these emotions is to say, "This is not happening to me right now. It is the past. I choose to release it, look for the positive and move on." Sometimes I may experience emotions that are more difficult to let go.

If you've ever had the emotions that overwhelm you to the point that you feel that you're not able to shake them right away these are the steps I take to rise up over them.

1) I look at the feeling.
2) I acknowledge how I'm feeling - sad, frustrated, mad etc.
3) I say what I'm mad, sad or frustrated about, giving the emotion an outlet to release.
4) I consciously make the mental shift to look at my situation from a positive angle.
5) I allow myself to feel the positive emotion.
6) If I find I can't release them, I look within to the Spirit and ask for help, "Please help me rise up above this emotion." We are not without help when we feel helpless or overwhelmed. We connect to the Source of our power and are uplifted to a higher place.

You have the tools you need to begin to release and let go of the negative experiences of the past and transform your life from the inside out in 2010.

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