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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspired Ideas: Start with what you have...

Part 1

It will expand...

Sometimes, you’re busy looking at what others have and wishing if you only have their talent and abilities, you could do wonders. Well, you don’t have their talent; theirs were tailor made for them. It’s part of their package. You have your own. Look for your own talents, your own gifts and allow them to expand, develop and build on them. Your gifts are your seeds. Sow them in the fertile soil of inspired action and allow them to germinate into beautiful seedlings and to maturity to bear fruit.

You have all you need at the point where you are. Don’t criticize your gifts because they’re not bearing fruit or because you don’t see the full potential just yet. Your gifts have unlimited possibilities if you only get into the mindset to open up those possibilities. No one ever criticizes the size of a mustard seed or any seed. You never judge or criticize the size of a mustard seed or any other seed because you know when it is sown, watered and nurtured, it will grow into a massive tree.

Many years ago when we started our first business, it was in the designing field. We were determined to get it off the ground. So we scraped together what money we had saved to purchase the business license. We couldn’t even afford business cards at the time, we used strips of paper which we typed up our contact information and nicely cut out the pieces of paper and distributed them and showed off our product.

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