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Monday, December 7, 2009

Inspired Ideas - Another way to receive inspired ideas to resolve personal issues

Need to tap into inspired ideas to resolve any personal issues?

Sometimes all you have to do is just show up - be here now. Be in the present and listen for the inspiration.

When I sit at my computer to write, sometimes I have no idea where to start. I sit and wait and listen. I’m open to receive. I’m open to be inspired. By waiting and listening, I may hear a few lines to begin with. At times, I’ve asked what comes after that before I start to type and I’d feel that I should start typing the line that I received and others will follow. So I’d type what I heard and as soon as I completed the last word other words would come to me one part at a time. I’d just trust the process and allow it to unfold as I follow. It’s like walking in the dark only seeing where your footing is immediately in front of you as you come into full light. Then, the entire path is revealed to you.

Other times, I’d think I’m going in one direction and end up with a completely different thought than what I had initially started with. And that’s okay, because the new inspiration was more enlightening than the first. Just go with the flow and be open to be directed by inspired ideas and thoughts.

When you become too set in one way, that’s when you experience blockages and frustration. Every day you get up, nature always has something new happening, whether it’s a sunny day one day, then rainy the next, or a combination of both or just sunny for a few days, then cloudy for a few day or even rainy for a few days but then it all changes and you get a different variety. Don’t become too set in your way that you miss fresh ideas and new perspective on life and your relationship with others around you.

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