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Monday, December 21, 2009

7 Life-changing experiences of 2009

What life-changing experiences do you recall in 2009? Did you achieve all your goals? Were your experiences positive ones or did you see the positive in your situation?

Here are 7 of me and my family's life-changing experiences of 2009.

1) A new addition to the family

January - Roxella, our 7th baby was born. We had an amazing home birth which was an exciting time to welcome our new baby girl.

I'm so thankful that this time, out of 7 births, I was not induced. My labour came on naturally - my 2009 miracle experience. This is something I had prayed for and set my mind and intention to go through this all natural in spite of my past track record of being induced. Once you set your heart and mind to achieve your goal, the universe - God, will work everything in order to bring you what you desire.

Roxella came right out into my husband's hands. This experience is one that we would truly cherish as a precious memory.

2) Grew a home vegetable and flower garden

For the first time, our family succeeded in growing a vegetable and flower garden. This experience I've shared with you during the spring, summer and fall months and I've shared the invaluable lessons learned along the way. We've seen life and nature from a different viewpoint and the lessons they taught us are so applicable and transferable to many areas of our lives.

Want to have hands on, step-by-step tutoring to change your life? Try growing a garden and pay attention to these rich life-changing lessons. Your life will never be the same again.

3) Changed my workout and eating habits

My work habits changed tremendously. I've incorporated gardening into my workout routine which gave me amazing results. We also cut out red meat from our diet and are continuing to make more healthy eating decisions. With the harvest from our garden, this made the transition a bit easier for us.

4) Changed my hibernating ways

I've got to admit, I've always hibernated when the winters came in. Unless I had to go outdoors, I'd stay inside. This year I decided that I'm going to change the way I looked at things regarding the winter. I know that I could regulate my body temperature by a simple method of just changing the way I thought about it which makes a big difference in any one's enjoyment of an activity. The way we think really does define the way we experience life.

I kept up my walking even through the snow days and on those snowy days I shovelled the snow as well as jogged. The workout I get from shovelling really gives me an all over body workout. Don't forget to bend your knees so you don't hurt your back.

5) Completed eBooks

My husband, 3 eldest daughters and I completed our eBooks. This life-changing experience has set the stage for many more exciting opportunities for 2010.

6) Did something new

My husband embarked on a new journey of creativity. He built his first picnic bench and gazebo providing us with added shade for the hot summer and a good hang out spot where I could continue my work and the children do their art work and craft. He also built a desk from scratch with seating for 6.

7) Shared Thanksgiving with a friend

Before our friend and neighbour died, he was invited over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. Little did we know it would have been our last time spent together. My husband felt the strong urge to invite him for dinner and today we are so thankful we had the opportunity to open our home to him for the last time.

I'm so thankful and appreciate you my readers and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. You may not have achieved all the things you wanted to in 2009, but today is a new day. And you can begin again right now and allow your tomorrows to be filled with the fruit of your thoughts today.

I look forward to sharing more inspiring thoughts, insights, tips and steps to changing your life from the inside out.

Feel free to add a comment about your 2009 experiences.

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