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Friday, December 4, 2009

Inspired Ideas: Develop what you have...Pt. 2

Part 2

Later on our business grew. We had embossed business cards, an ad in several advertisement books. We had order forms, a computer, business phones lines and we built on our first steps and continued to make progress.

You don’t have to have everything in place to begin. All you need to do is start and everything else you need will come at the right time as long as you keep moving forward. The information you need, the how to, the equipment, the people, the friendships, the relationships, everything will come to you.

Be appreciative of what you already have. Don’t hold on to your seed, sow it in the ground, do something with it so it can begin to grow. If your intention is to have a harvest of tomatoes, it doesn’t matter how many seeds you have. You could look at the seeds, admire them, talk about how beautiful these seeds are, or wonder what you could do with them if you had a harvest.

You could make tomato paste or include them in your most sophisticated and deliciously fresh salad. But, unless you actually sow those seeds into the ground and allow them to have a chance to germinate and grow into maturity so they can actually bear fruit, those delightfully delicious recipes you have in mind will continue to just be a wish.

I was recently working on a project. I had all the ideas of what I was going to do but I hadn’t actually begun to put the parts together. As I was standing at my kitchen sink doing the dishes, I was looking out at the garden which I could see from the window, and was just thinking about how our plants were coming along so nicely.

The thought came to me, “If you don’t put the seeds into the ground you wouldn’t get a harvest.” That’s all nice that I have all these great plans and ideas, but unless I actually put the seeds in the ground – begin to put the project into form – those ideas wouldn’t do anybody any good staying in my head. So, I got really busy putting my plan into action.

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