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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Inspired Ideas: How to be open to receive inspired ideas for personal direction

Be open to receive

Inspiration can come to you via various avenues. These may be very ordinary but even the ordinary can prove to be an extraordinary moment when inspiration comes. You may say, “I’ve never seen that before.” Or, “I’ve never thought about it this way before.” Or, “How long have I heard that but never understood the meaning of it.” Or, “It never had any personal meaning to me before.”

Some of these avenues could come through reading material like an inspirational book, the Bible, or even the newspaper.

When you read, have an open mind to receive, “What’s the message here? How does it apply to me? Sometimes certain words or phrases may stand out as if to jump off the pages at you which you may have overlooked before. Books that come to you or other people may mention the name of a book that may stand out. Get the book and read it. It may contain the information you need to resolve whatever issue you may be facing at the time or will face in the future. This may be the preparatory moment you need to equip you to face whatever is up ahead. When you follow your inspired intuition, you’ll always get a sneak peek of what’s coming so you’re prepared.


Don’t just look at the pictures and listen to the sounds, but look for the hidden message for you. Even children’s movies have some profound meaning in the message. Some of which encourages you to follow your dreams and trust your heart. If it impacts you, that’s your inspired moment. Take the information, roll it over in your mind and use it as a stepping stone to help you through this moment.

Inspirational or motivational audio recordings

May contain the missing link you’ve been waiting for or may spark an idea.


Years ago my husband was going for a job and he heard the words of a song, “Hold on for one more day.” That was the message for the moment.

Many songs have taken me through some tough times. I could love you like that – these words had tremendous positive meaning for me at a critical point in my life. They’re like gold nuggets to take you through the process. They may not mean anything for anyone else but carry such deep meaning for you.

Holding positive discussions with family and friends may spark inspirational ideas. It’s like a door unlocks and opens and an invisible third party imparting wisdom to you. Many times when my husband and I are having discussions, the more we talk the more the inspiration comes and the more answers we get to our questions.

When you are open to receive, you see many opportunities where you are inspired during the day.

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