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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seize the moment

Life presents us with many opportunities of beauty and splendour, but we need to seize the moment when it comes. Precious times only last for the moment but the benefits of that moment can last a lifetime even to the point of changing the direction of our lives.

Many times we miss opportunities because we sit and over analyze the situation. And in the process of our analyzing, fear grips us and immobilizes us from taking action. Not that it was an inappropriate opportunity, one that we should definitely avoid, but one that we know initially we should go for. Our hearts give us the right answer, but then our heads get in the way bringing with it doubts and rehearsal of past failures and disappointments.

When we allow the heart to lead, the inner prompting of the Spirit, we make better decisions more quickly as we allow the outcome to unfold trusting that all good comes to us.

How do we seize the moment?

1) Expectation

When you expect good to come to you doors open and opportunities show up. Wake up every day expecting opportunities of good, whether it's business or personal, consciously expect it. On purpose ask the question, "What's the hidden gem in this situation?" It will reveal itself. It may be an opportunity to do something good for someone who needs help. Or change your response to a situation which would normally irritate you - answer softly and out of love. If you're used to 'telling off' others when they're rude, try finding something complementary to say, "Have a blessed day," or just smile. You'll feel ten times better than if you fall into the same negative energy.

2) Let go of the past failures

When you allow the past failures to dictate the outcome of the current experience, you are not allowing room for growth or a new outcome. Take on the mindset that the past is the past; you will not allow one experience to influence the other. But in your mind, you look for and expect that this current experience will be positive.

Many times I stop myself and say, "The past is the past, and I expect nothing else but good to come out of this." Remember, we change our life by the thoughts we think over and over which expands into our reality. Look at the current situation from a fresh positive perspective.

3) Allow things to unfold

If you know and have decided that all good things come to you, let go and allow things to unfold naturally and effortlessly. Don't try to force a situation to work out the way you want it to. The Spirit always knows the best path to take to bring you to the place you need to be. Move with the flow. You made your request, set your intentions to the desired outcome, now, let go of the unfolding of the events and allow the Universe to line up all things on your behalf.

When we seize the moment of each day, our lives become daily enriched with awe-inspiring experiences. The things we once took for granted, we begin to see the magnificence of its beauty. We pay attention to every event knowing that a hidden lesson or unfolding is about to birth and lift us to a new level of growth.

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