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Monday, October 5, 2009

Look for the diamonds in the rough - Pt. 1 - Your body

Getting my body back - Day 140

The way we look at life determines our response and our behaviour. We've been conditioned to look at the negative aspects of our lives and complain about them instead of looking for the diamonds in the rough. If we were to shift our perspective of the way we look at things and begin to diligently search for the diamonds, we'd discover golden opportunities awaiting us.

Many times we look at our bodies and find all the faults - I'm too fat, I'm too skinny, my hips are too big, or my legs are too short, too fat, too skinny, the list goes on and on - instead of looking at the beauty it holds. The fact that we are alive is more than enough for us to be thankful. However, if we were to look beyond these, we could begin to find ways to polish the diamonds in the 'imperfect rough'.

Our body diamonds are our muscles and our rough is the excess fat that hides our unique physique. We can polish our body through aerobic exercise and our muscles through muscle training which begins to melt off the excess fat and sculpture our muscles to reveal a well toned body. Our vital internal organs benefit tremendously from these workouts and optimize bodily functions.

Fuelling words: I am the diamond and the more I am polished the more brilliant I shine. So join me and let your light shine brilliantly. After all you're a time too.

Workout - walking, weight training


  1. So true! If we look at the diamond we shouldn't have much to be negative about. I enjoyed this!


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